Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre : Stradbroke Island

Manta Ray & Snorkelling Diver

Manta Bommie

Manta Bommie is our premier dive site and is also ranked in the top 10 dive sites in Australia. It is located a short 10 minute boat trip from our dive centre and is a group of rocky reefs interspersed with large and small sand patches, small caves and holes and a long wall forming part of the dive. The bommie itself is a cleaning station for the migratory Manta Rays and other large marine life that frequent the area during summer (Nov – Apr).

On any given dive trip at the Bommie it’s not uncommon for divers to come face to face with multiple manta rays, as well as leopard sharks, guitar sharks, turtles, wobbegong and bamboo sharks, octopus, pelagics, bull, eagle and other large rays, lionfish plus much more all on the one dive.

Current can be an issue at the bommie, however it is often used as part of the dive in order to conserve energy and maximise bottom time.

Manta Ray Bommie Dive Sites

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