Rescue Course

Prepare Yourself | Stress & Rescue Course

Knowing how to react in an unexpected situation is key to being a safe and confident diver.

The SSI Diver Stress & Rescue program is designed to equip you with the ability to prevent emergencies and deal with stressful situations when they do happen.  Combining confined water, shore dives and boat dives, you’ll received specialised training in both stress management and in-water rescue techniques.

This program runs over 2 days and includes confined water sessions and 3 open water dives.

What to Expect

  • Meet at 7am on Saturday to complete paperwork and theory followed by an afternoon in the pool practicing rescue techniques.
  • Meet at 7am on Sunday for a shore dive, followed by two afternoon boat dives to put all your learned skills into practice in a real-world environment.


  • You must be certified as an SSI Open Water Diver, or equivalent. 
  • Have current First Aid, CPR and Oxygen provider certifications from a recognised authority.
  • Be a minimum of 18 years old (15 years with parental consent).