Technical Courses

Extend Your Range | Advanced Nitrox Course

Interested in taking your diving to the next level? Want to explore a little deeper/further/longer or all of the above? Do you want the knowledge to safely complete a dive in the event of requiring mandatory decompression stops? Then the SSI Extended Range Program is for you.

Technical diving is the most challenging and most rewarding discipline of scuba diving.  Whether you are after the ability to dive deeper for longer or simply to increase your safety by raising your skill level, the range of SSI XR courses will challenge you both mentally and physically while keeping you excited.

  • Learn and understand the principles, procedures and theories relating to decompression diving.
  • Adapt your current Total diving system and learn about the concept behind an Extended Range total diving system.
  • Master new skills and improve on your current skills to reach the level required for safe technical diving.
  • Learn advanced buoyancy, propulsion techniques, decompression management and equipment techniques specifically related to technical diving.

What to Expect

This program provides the knowledge and experience required to independently plan and conduct limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters, using nitrox mixtures up to 50%. This entry-level program introduces you to the Extended Range training techniques and skills, and can be completed wearing a standard single-cylinder equipment configuration or in a full twin tank extended range system.

This course bridges the gap between the recreational deep diver program and technical courses and will introduce you to the skills and techniques required for higher level technical programs.

Advanced Nitrox or “XR” Nitrox will train you to plan and conduct dives to a maximum of 40 metres using Nitrox mixes up to 50%.  Upon qualification you’ll be able to plan and conduct dives with a maximum of 15 minutes decompression.


  • You must be certified as an SSI Deep Diver, or equivalent.
  • You must be certified as an SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver, or equivalent.
  • Have logged at least 24 open water dives.
  • Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Pass an Extended Range Water Fitness Test.