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Moreton Bay Marine Park

The Moreton Bay Marine Park waters are home to some amazing dive sites and marine life with experiences suitable for the beginner to the experienced technical diver. Please note that due to the nature of the unpredictable conditions we experience, we cannot guarantee a specific dive site for your trip. While we will do our best to get you there, all sites are subject to conditions, diver experience level, and minimum numbers.


SNO Suitable for snorkelling if surface conditions allow
OW Site less than 18m depth, generally sheltered from current/swell
ADV less than 30m, some current, surface conditions can vary
Master Diver Depths to 40m, prone to strong currents, live drop/pick up likely
XR Depth 20-45m, current, live drop/pickup, suitable for decompression dives
TXT Deeper than 45m, trained and equipped technical divers only