Scuba Diving

Scuba Dive Brisbane | Dive Stradbroke Island

Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre has the best access to one of Australia’s premier underwater playgrounds including Manta Bommie which is rated in the top 10 dive sites in Australia. Straddie’s reefs are teeming with various marine life such as manta rays and leopard sharks in summer and grey nurse sharks and humpback whales in winter.

  • Morning trips meeting at 6:45am and departing at 7:30am. Returning to land at about 11:am
  • Afternoon trips meeting at 11:45am and departing at 12:30pm. Returning to land at about 4pm
  • 15+ different dive sites
  • Experienced guides
  • Nitrox available
  • Dives for all levels of experience

We have a choice of several dive sites, all with their own individual experiences, all of which are within a quick 10-15 minute boat trip from our beach. This wide array of choice allows us to tailor your dive trip according to your experience levels, as well as which particular site has the best conditions on the day of your trip. Please be aware that we do not dive on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Please see our calendar for dates, availability & bookings. 

What to Expect

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by our friendly team to complete your pre-dive paperwork.  Once being fitted for equipment (if required) you’ll receive a briefing on the planned dives as well as our boat procedures.

You’ll enjoy a short boat ride followed by two amazing dives at one of the many sites around Point Lookout, with our experienced dive guides able to show you the abundant marine life that frequents the area.  On your surface interval, enjoy a hot soup and snacks and keep a sharp eye out for passing whales (in season).

Upon return, we’ll have a hot shower and warm towels waiting while you unwind and retell the days adventures.


  • You must be certified as an SSI Open Water Diver, or equivalent. Not certified? Why not try our Try Scuba Diving program?
  • You must complete a liability waiver prior to this tour.
  • You must have been diving in the last 12 months. If you have not dived in the last 12 months you will be required to do a refresher prior to the dive.